Alex Drummond Scott, the oldest daughter of Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, is keeping a positive outlook after her truck was recently stolen outside her father-in-law's house in Texas.

Alex shared the news in a since-expired series of Instagram Stories, explaining that she and her husband Mauricio parked the truck on the street at about 8PM on Friday (April 21). The next morning, the vehicle was gone — and while they felt grateful that very few personal belongings were inside, there was one irreplaceable item in the truck.

"My bible was in there, which is kind of sad — my Bible that I've taken notes on for like, 10 years," she explains (quote via People.)

Alex goes on to say that she's not anticipating getting the truck back. Some glass they found on the street — plus no leads from towing companies in the area — indicate that theft was almost certainly the cause of the disappearance.

"The glass on the street definitely confirmed it was stolen because towing companies would not break the window," she continues. "We called the police and she confirmed no towing companies in the area had my license plate."

Now, Alex is hoping that the contents of the truck can enact some positive change in the thief's life.

"You know what, I just keep praying that whoever took it, somehow gets use out of the Bible," she notes. "That is my prayer through all of this."

Alex describes the whole incident as a "crazy turn of events," especially since the vehicle was locked, and she and Mauricio had taken the key with them. Growing up in the Drummond family, Alex says, she was raised to be "trusting" — but she admits the incident has left her with a "new jaded view," adding, "I'm so on edge about, like, locking every door."

Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd are parents to five kids. Alex was born in 1997, and she's big sister to Paige, Bryce, Todd and the family's foster son, Jamar.

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