A groundskeeper in North Carolina allegedly missed a dead body while mowing recently after assuming it was part of a realistic-looking Halloween display.

What Police Are Saying About The Dead Body

According to WBTV in Charlotte, police were called to investigate a report of a dead body near an abandoned house in China Grove. Officers later found the body 34-year-old Robert Paul Owens.

An updated story from WBTV says a groundskeeper who was moving the lawn saw the body, but figured it was a dummy leftover from a recent police training exercise at the abandoned home. The home had perviously been used by the local police department.

A GoFundMe set up by the victim's family tells a different story.

Family Is Still Searching For Answers

A GoFundMe campaign arranged to support the Owens family has raised $1,200 toward its $10,000 goal.

The campaign page says Owens died "in a suspicious way."

"He was found once on Monday by a lawn care employee that assumed he was Halloween decorations or a mannequin for K9 training and was never reported to authorities," the campaign page states. "Who in their right mind mows a yard at a house that has power on and no one has lived there in a while but the property is used for K9 training for years [sic], can assume a half naked dead body with scratches and glass around it is Halloween decor."

Google Maps image
Google Maps image

The page goes on to say Owens's body was discovered the following day by the foreman of a construction crew that was working in the area.

According to WBTV, an autopsy has been completed and police say their preliminary findings have ruled out any signs of assault or trauma to the body.

The incident is still under investigation at this time.

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