Makeup can be a cheap and easy way to get around wearing a costume on Halloween night, but you might want to have a game plan before painting your face.

Why You Should Test Your Halloween Makeup

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends doing a test run with your makeup before the big night arrives.

"Put a small amount on the arm of the person who will be wearing it," the FDA shared on its website. "If a rash, redness, swelling or other signs of irritation develop where the makeup was applied, that's a sign of a possible allergy."

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Testing the makeup 24-48 hours in advance of Halloween (or whenever you would be wearing it in public) will give you enough time to confirm there is no allergic reaction.

Dangerous Color Additives In Some Makeup

One of the ways manufacturers create bright makeup is with the assistance of color additives. Unfortunately, those additives are not always FDA-approves.

The FDA has released a list of approved color additives for cosmetics that can be used to check Halloween makeup.

The administration recommends avoiding makeup featuring additives that are not on the list, especially makeup that would be applied around the eyes.

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Use Caution With Decorative Contact Lenses

Speaking of eyes, the use of decorative contact lenses can make someone look like they have cat-like eyes or even create the look of a zombie.

The FDA says these lenses come with a risk if they are not properly fitted by an eye care professional. Lenses that don't fit, especially if the user is not a regular content wearer, can severely damage eyes.

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