Days after the Band Perry released a savage cheating revenge song that many have interpreted as being aimed at him, former MLB player J.P. Arencibia has issued a formal statement denying he was ever unfaithful to the trio's lead singer, Kimberly Perry.

Perry and Arencibia married in June of 2014, and she filed for divorce in March of 2018. The Band Perry's new song, "The Good Life," features a very angry lyric that Perry says addresses an infidelity that happened to her, taunting, "You had a had a had a good life / But you gave it up for hoes."

"Sick I ever touched your body / Sick you ever tasted mine / I should burn the sheets on my bed," Perry snarls in one verse, while in another she sings, "I just wanna break your neck."

In a statement to People on Friday (June 12), Arencibia denies cheating and laments the public nature of the seeming allegations.

“While matters of our relationship and what led to the demise of our marriage should remain between us, I will say there was no infidelity," he says through a representative. "It’s a shame that all of this is now being made up to promote an album, I have moved on and hopefully one day she can as well.”

Perry turned to Instagram to tell fans that the song was inspired by something actually happened to her, though she did not name Arencibia.

He initally fired back with an Instagram post of his own, lamenting, "It's sad that at 36 years of age today, a person would try to revive a dying career with click bait. Well, here's just a little taste of reality to a woman and family that are not in touch with it … swipe left."

He then shared what appeared to be a series of text exchange with various ex-insiders of the Band Perry who have since departed, with several of them lamenting common themes of how difficult it was to deal with the entire family. It portrayed the trio and their parents as unreasonable and driven by self-interest, with one person commenting, "I saw how they did stuff, but how brutal they have been is pretty funny."

"Yes after she left me I dated other women," Arencibia added before seeming to address his ex directly: "I never signed a NDA like you made everyone else to hide what you all do."

Arencibia has since deleted that post.

Kimberly Perry tells People that writing "The Good Life" has been therapeutic for her.

“Even though it references infidelity, it’s almost not even as much about the crime — if you will — as what you learn from it and what comes out on the other side of that," she says. "For me it was about regaining my sense of self because that had been challenged and broken down in the relationship that I was in."

Perry adds that she sought out counseling to deal with getting out of what she calls a "toxic relationship" and dealing with the fact that all of the plans she had for her future had changed. She says is still optimistic about love.

“Absolutely I believe in love. Life and love are not defined by one ugly situation,” Perry reflects. “But we have to have love of self and of self-respect not to lose ourselves in any relationship, no matter what they are, romantic, family, friendship. And as long as we carry that with us, I truly believe that that will lead us to the right decisions.”

The Band Perry shot to overnight fame in 2010 with the multi-genre success of "If I Die Young," and they scored a subsequent string of country hits that included "You Lie," "All Your Life," "Postcard From Paris," "Better Dig Two," "Done" and more. In recent years the group have confused fans by switching from country music to pop music, then back to country, then going full pop before splitting from their pop label home, Interscope Records. They released an EP of full-on electronic music, Coordinates, in September of 2018. Their pop efforts have not met with chart success.

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