As pressure grows on the Biden administration to rein in drug cartels Yakima authorities are seeing signs of major drug activity every day. Yakima Police say members of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel are busy establishing themselves in the valley as authorities are doing everything they can to disrupt their activity. In fact in September of last year local authorities siezed what they describe as a large weapons cache from the cartel.

Yakima Police and federal authorities made a big seizure last year

Yakima Police Department say they partnered with Homeland Security Investigations and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives to serve two federal search warrants at two locations in Yakima on September 9 of last year.
During the search of the unnamed locations "Special Agents seized 27 high powered rifles, 2 shotguns and 9 handguns. Also seized during the warrants was US currency, methamphetamine and fentanyl."

Police say the cartel is doing more than just selling guns and drugs

They say the search warrants are related to an ongoing investigation into the New Generation Jalisco Cartel who are smuggling narcotics from Mexico into the United States and into the Yakima Valley. The gang members are busy in Yakima.
Police say they're stealing high-end late model vehicles for use in smuggling narcotics throughout the United States.
Since the siezure police have been looking for suspects but no arrests have been made.

The Special Agent in Charge says they work with local police to make an impact

"Large weapons caches and fentanyl are a dangerous combination which continues to fuel the violence and crime increases in our communities,” says Special Agent in Charge Robert Hammer, who oversees HSI operations in the Pacific Northwest. “We are grateful for the partnership with ATF and the Yakima Police Department as when we are unified in our goals it is the community that wins.”



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