Jeff Bezos has announced the shutdown of Alexa after a significant drop in use. It started back in 1996 as a platform to rank the world's most popular websites and help growing sites with SEO searches and competitor analysis. It's now considered obsolete as the services have severely declined

Tho will be shut down Bezos plans to keep other Alexa services alive and well. was used by many for analytics and to help promote their own websites. What will this mean for users?

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It means you'll have to move to another site that offers some of the same services. Google, is the number one site not just for searching but for analytic studies as well.

With this change, many are worried that the Amazon Alea used in homes all around the world and country will be shut off as well. Trust us when we say you won't have to worry about that. The Amazon Alexa is still one of the most used devices in everyday homes and continues to grow.

Tho there is no statement from Jeff Bezos the Amazon team announced its last day will be May 1, 2022, as to celebrate its 26th year on the internet. Tho Jeff Bezos didn't release a statement it's clear he's upset over the decline and focusing on its bigger and better projects.

If you're looking for more information on this closing you can follow the link below to the official site and read their statement.

Amazon and Jeff Bezos announces the shutdown of


Tho Jeff is bummed about the shutdown of he still has plenty to be happy about...Like being one of the richest people in the world let alone Washington State.

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