Though Jessie James Decker's career is taking off, her passion for motherhood fills her heart, and she'll do anything to protect her children. As she and husband Eric Decker prepare for Season 3 of their reality show, Eric & Jessie, she has her children's best interest at the forefront of her mind.

“I think the positive thing coming into doing a Season 3 was I’m now one of the executive producers, and I have a lot of creative control and say. I get to be more protective of my children. So they’re the first priority,” Decker tells People of watching out for daughter Vivianne and son Eric on the new season. “Anything that’s going to harm them or not be good for them, I’ll never allow it.”

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Season 2 of Eric & Jessie wrapped in 2013, and while the network was ready to dive into a new season right away, Decker needed some time off to simply be with her family.

“They were ready to shoot again for a Season 3 … the timing didn’t feel right. I just wanted to have those precious moments away from everything," the country singer confesses, adding that her kids are "so adaptable to the situation. "I went into hibernation, as you should as a new mommy.”

Naturally so, the upcoming season of the couple's E! reality series will focus on their journey into parenthood, highlighting special moments with adorable 3-year-old Vivianne and 21-month-old Eric Thomas. “You are going to see us as parents, because we are. I think that’s the job we’re best at, to be honest,” Decker says. “I love being a mom. It’s my favorite thing. If I had to give up everything and just be a mom, I would.”

Decker released her country EP Gold in early 2017. It includes the Top 40 hit "Lights Down Low."

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