You know when you reheat pizza in the microwave? And it gets all soggy, but you also don't want to take the time to use the oven? Yeah, me too. Pushing buttons on that oven and waiting for 20 minutes is a lot of work.

So what's a hungry, lazy person supposed to do? We turn to science. And this hack just might come in handy.

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Anytime you want some leftover pizza outta the fridge, and you don’t want your pizza all soggy and saggy, try this simple hack. You will thank me later.

To keep your pizza from getting soggy in the microwave, all you need to do is, put a glass of water next to your slice in the microwave.

The water helps the base of the pizza stay crispy but lets the cheese melt.

Heat up a slice for 30 to 45 seconds, and you'll have leftover pizza that isn't soggy.

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That’s it. Simple. Easy. You’re welcome.

Welcome To Non-Soggy Pizza Land!


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