Everyone and their mother is looking to pad their pockets with extra cash for the holiday season so I wanted to dive even deeper this week on some do's and don'ts you might not have even thought of when applying for jobs.

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1) Do get yourself a LinkedIn account. This is a professional, free site, that allows you to invite current co-workers or professionals into your network, jobs are posted, and by creating connections you could expand your job possibilities through insider tips and guidance. You'll receive e-mails with new jobs having to do with the description you provided and it's a great start for any professional wanting to up the number of available positions and get themselves noticed.


2) Don't think that your social media isn't being looked at. Potential employers will likely check to see what your social media presence looks like. Depending on the type of job it might not matter but if this weekend you posted a picture of you and your gun, smoking weed, or talking about getting blackout drunk, they might think twice before calling you back. Your social media is yours but once you have a job, some of the content you post might not be acceptable for their brand.

3) Do cast a wider net than you're used to. Sometimes going after the same exact job could be limiting your talents. Think about what makes you super happy and engaged. The positions are out there, could today be the start to an entirely new career path? Just by getting your foot in the door at a company, you could work your way through the receptions desk, sales, and who knows what, if you have the drive and make it known you want to grow within the company you could potentially get paid to go to school to achieve the extra requirements you need to continue to grow. It never hurts to do your own research and make it known right off the bat your desires for your career.

4) Resumes should pop so keep it to one page and also use words like; developed, enforced, coordinated, assigned, processed, incorporated, decided, directed. The very top should be a few sentences speaking directly about the job you are searching for and why you would rock at it.

Alright! Now let's find a job!


1) Tree Top is hiring for forklift drivers, machine operators, general labor, maintenance, and more (25 jobs in Selah alone)

2) QC Chemist for Pace International in Wapato - constantly adding new positions so this is a good one to keep checking back on

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3) PSE Mail Processing Clerk via the United State Postal Service, this is a part-time position that requires an exam however the pay is pretty sweet,  $18.50 an hour


4) The Yakima Herald is searching for a part-time packing center Assistant-Driver. It's preferred that you have a license and also a high-school diploma or GED

5) Medstar is searching for a position in Sunnyside for a driver and in Yakima medical/non-emergency transport driver however, there are 14 other positions available in the company in Washington State.

6) Bi-Mart has six positions for you to apply for ranging from a receiving clerk to sales clerk and more

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7) Instacart is all the rage and if you have a vehicle this could be the start of something beautiful plus it's all over the country so you're not limited to just our area

8) Cabella's wants you for their receiving clerk army. It's not really an army I was just quoting Darth Vader...also not a knock on Cabella's by associating Darth Vader with them. I kid, I kid.

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9) WinCo is in need of a Freight stocker in Union Gap could be the start of a beautiful career

10) Jiffy Lube is in need of a service technician

11) Zirkle Fruit is hiring a full-time Stamper Tech and this job is from 8 am - 5 pm

12) Highland Fruit Growers Inc is hiring for four positions from shipping/Forklift driver all the way up to General Manager

All ready for Santa

13) Valley Mall has 36 job opportunities for stores including; Bath and Body Works, Carter's Babies and Kids, Macy's, and Zales

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