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Who is Hiring in the Yakima Valley?

The Planted Home in Yakima is searching for a new employee to cover the afternoon shifts, must be at least 18 years of age and have knowledge of plants

The City of Yakima is hiring temporary aquatics concessions and cashiers, temporary maintenance cemetery caretakers, GSI Specialists, Program Analysts, and more

Waste Connections is hiring a Fleet Mechanic Offering, an Office Manager also ask about the $4,000 bonus

Allied Universal is hiring a security officer for hospital operations, a security officer for the medical center, and more

AMR or Advanced Medical Response is hiring an EMT Basic, EMT located in Yakima, Emergency Response Paramedic. Hiring Immediately


UberEats or Instacart

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic is hiring a full-time Outreach Worker, a full-time Certified Medical Assistant also a Mental Health Therapist, and more

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services is wanting to hire a Clinic Manager, a Health Plan Finder Navigator, a Clinic Nurse, and more

Comprehensive Healthcare is hiring across Eastern, Washington for positions like a Program Assistant, Therapist WISE, Nurse Per Diem, Office Coordinator, Division Chief Substance Use and Integration Services, Hospital Liason, Care Coordinator

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