Justin Moore's already large family — he and his wife, Kate, have four kids under the age of 12 as well as two Great Danes — has gained a new member. The newest addition to the household is an adorable, fluffy, black-and-white Aussiedoodle puppy named Fancy.

As sweet as Fancy might be, Moore admits to People that he's still coming around to the idea of having a new pet in the household.

"She's a cute little dog, but I said right off the bat, I'm not cleaning up poop or pee," the singer jokes.

Part of that hesitation comes from the fact that he's still mourning the loss of another beloved dog. Hank, a West Highland-Scottish terrier who was Moore's longtime best friend, died in June of 2020 at the age of 16. Hank had been battling kidney failure, and the family had to make the difficult decision to put him down after a seizure.

"Honestly, nothing can replace Hank ... or at least that's where I am at right now," Moore admits. "That's probably juvenile of me, I know, to say something like that. But it's the truth."

And when his family first broached the idea of getting another dog, the singer says he initially said no. "I was totally opposed to it. I didn't want to think about loving something else after him for a while," he remembers.

However, his wife saw things differently.

"It sheds light on our different personalities. She had to 'replace' him, if you will, right away. It was definitely a long discussion between the two of us," the singer explains. "I guess it's a funny thing now, but my wife and I rarely fight, ever. I mean, it's normal for couples to argue, but yeah, this was a good one. But as with most battles in my household, I lost."

And like legions of dads before him who are initially cool on the idea of adopting a new family pet, Moore knows that sooner or later, he'll probably soften up to little Fancy. But for now, he says, his family is providing the puppy with as much love and affection as she can handle.

"I haven't even held her yet," Moore reveals. "I guess I'm trying to prove a point, which is just ridiculous. But seriously, with the girls and even [our 3-year-old son] South, there is not a lot of opportunities to hold her. She is not lacking in love, that's for sure."

In the meantime, Moore is keeping busy with new music. He put out "We Didn't Have Much," the first single off of his as-yet-unannounced next album, in October.

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