If you've noticed, there is trash everywhere. It piles up when people throw their cigarette butts out the window or push all the empty bottles and wrappers out of a car into ditches. Don't even get me started with the discarded needles and random loose shoes.

We all can do our part by sucking it up and properly disposing of items we are finished with. Picking-up our own areas, and joining groups like Keep Yakima Clean to get the rest of the job handled is a great way to give back to our community.

Keep Yakima Clean has its second event location and the date's been chosen so please help spread the word and get as many volunteer hands involved as we can. Trust me, there's enough trash to go around.

Saturday, March 20th, 2021 at 11 am located at the lot between Chalmers Rd and S. 18th and will continue down the road to east maple

Keep Yakima Clean Screenshot

The green x is where you're going to meet and more details are going to be coming so make sure to join the Keep Yakima Clean Facebook page to stay up to date.

Katie, who runs the group, has done a fantastic job working on gaining donations, a special thank you to Agustin Gonzalez, for providing the protective gloves, trash bags, and neon vests for all that will help volunteer so all you need to do is show up with your crew wearing your masks, please.

If you are interested in making this a family outing please note that some of the areas and items that are picked-up include drug paraphernalia and it's suggested no one under 13 comes on out.

In advance, thank you to everyone who takes the time to give back. It's these types of things that make our city great, create bonds within the community and make its citizens proud to live here.

Keeping Yakima Clean

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