Ask and you shall receive. This was the situation one Keith Urban fan found herself in during an Urban gig in December of 2016.

"I was doing a Twitter chat and I got this person who sent in a video of themselves playing a guitar and they said, 'I want to come play with you,' and I said, 'Come on!'" Urban explained during the final show of his Ripcord World Tour in Brisbane, Australia, on Dec. 17.

19-year-old Ellen Tefanis was invited to perform alongside Urban in Australia, and it was a night she will surely never forget. Urban invited Tefanis to the stage in Brisbane, where she told the crowd that she's been playing guitar since she was 8.

"Come on out here, Ellen," Urban said several songs into his set. "Introduce yourself to everybody."

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Tefanis soon found herself center stage with her idol, and as Urban launched into "Sweet Thing," she stood beside him shredding on guitar. Watch it all unfold in the video above.

This is far from the first time Urban has invited a fan to share the spotlight with him. During the same tour, he played guitar tech for another young fan he spotted in the front row.

Amy Jennifer attended Urban’s Dec. 6 concert in Adelaide and brought along her guitar. Noticing her in the crowd, Urban invited her to perform one of her original songs. What happened next is another sweet fan-artist interaction. While Urban was getting to know her, she was flustered and kept turning to the crowd with a face of disbelief.

“I’m sorry, you’re so beautiful!” Jennifer said when she didn't understand one of Urban’s questions.

Urban is making a habit out of making dreams come true for young musicians all over the world.

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