Long before Kellie Pickler was gracing stages and television with her infectious smile and quirky banter, she had a job at Sonic Drive-In. The former fast-food worker decided to take Pickler & Ben co-host Ben Aaron back to the scene of her first job to show him the ropes and see if he could make it at the establishment.

During a recent episode of Pickler & Ben, the country singer put on her old uniform and skates to teach Aaron all about serving customers. At the start of the nearly four-minute clip, Pickler tells Aaron that she wants to share with him what it was like to be a Sonic employee.

"Ben, I used to love this uniform," Pickler admits while donning her red Sonic T-shirt. "I never had to wake up in the morning too early and decide what I was gonna wear. I already knew."

Aaron then puts on his name tag and grabs the change belt to clip onto his uniform before Pickler eagerly puts him to work.

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"Ben needs to know how to work the fountain station," she says as she shows him how to prepare drinks for patrons. Then she demands, "Are you paying attention? You ain't paying no mind."

Her co-host eventually makes his first shake before Pickler tells him to strap on his skates. Looking terrified, it's obvious that Aaron isn't the most experienced on roller skates. After several failed attempts to hold a tray and skate out to customers, Pickler gives him the restaurant's version of desk duty: the drive-through window.

"I feel like the drive-through window will be the money maker for you," she tells him.

"All you gotta do is talk, right?" Aaron asks. Well, yes, but there is some charm to share with customers and as Pickler walks him through it, Aaron finally passes the test. Watch above to see Pickler put her co-host through his paces.

Pickler & Ben is a syndicated daily talk show that airs weekdays all over the country. Faith Hill is involved in producing the show, which was recently renewed for a second season. Pickler & Ben also picked up three nominations in the Daytime Emmys.

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