Bartenders know how it is. A customer comes in, sits down and before anybody knows it, half the night has slipped away.

Same with Yakima's Sexiest Male Bartender contest. Seems like we just started it, but it's already in its fourth year. (Must be on bar time.)

Anyway, after this much time, Bull Pen regulars probably know how it works: You turn in the name of the sexiest guy who delivers your drinks, the public votes on all the nominees and the winner takes home a trophy -- along with the undying adulation of Bull listeners everywhere.

Last year, Bull Pen voters gave the honor to Craig Chacon at Famous Dave's. But from now until midnight Monday, June 25, we're setting 'em up for another round.

We'll put up pictures of the nominees and start the voting Wednesday morning, June 27. Don't delay, though -- polls close at midnight Sunday, July 8.

Use the form below to nominate the Yakima Valley barkeep who's easiest on the eyes, then we'll see what our listeners think. Be sure to include a clear photo and the name of the bar where your nominee works.

Bar's open, ladies ...


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