It was a Team Kelly reunion on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Wednesday (March 31): Talk show host, singer and The Voice coach Clarkson invited the TV singing competition's Season 17 winner, Jake Hoot, to the show for a performance of their new duet, "I Would've Loved You."

""I Would've Loved You" is a song about ... the choices we make and the consequences that follow. It is a story about someone who has so much love to give, but due to the other person's decisions, that love turns into a hate that lasts forever," shares Hoot, who co-wrote the track with Lonestar keyboardist Dean Sams and Jamie Floyd. It appears on his late-January EP Love Out of Time. 

"When we wrote it, I said, 'I think this would be awesome if we got Kelly to sing on this.' When I was on The Voice, she said, 'Hey, let's do something together,'" Hoot recounts. "So I sent it to her and didn't hear anything. And then later on in the year, when we were seriously considering putting this on the album, I said, 'You know what? I'm just going to text her again' … She called me back immediately, and she said, 'I want to shout this from the rooftops. Yes, I'm in.'"

Clarkson was Hoot's coach while he was on The Voice in 2019. He won that season's competition — Clarkson's third victory as a coach on the show.

"She has helped me get out of my shell onstage, and I say in every interview: [She's] the biggest cheerleader, and that means more than you know. I really do appreciate it," Hoot says of Clarkson. "I continued to doubt myself and stuff like that, and Kelly continued to encourage me."

Hoot, who will turn 33 in July, is a Texas native and the second of nine children of Christian missionaries. When he was nine years old, Hoot and his family moved to the Dominican Republic for a decade; it was there that he began singing and learned to play the guitar. He played football at Tennessee Tech University and took a job with a media production company after graduation, working at the same time to further his music career.

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