Fake news is all the rage right now but what if you didn't cause the fake news but people think you did? KIMA-TV in Yakima has been a victim of such a fraud and they are warning viewers that they aren't posting fraudulent news stories on Twitter.  

KIMA-TV posted this message on their Facebook page:

There is a Facebook post going around social media about Virginia Mason Memorial. It is fraudulently using our logo to try to trick people into believing it.
The screenshot is fake, and we want to assure our viewers we did not create the fake post.
(We don't want to give the troll any more attention, so we aren't sharing the fake screenshot.)

KIMA-TV didn't display the social media posting but we were able to grab a screenshot of the fake news tweet for you.

credit : twitter

In this day of fake news and conspiracy theories, some readers might take that tweet as the truth and spread it around so KIMA-TV is warning viewers and readers that it's a fake tweet.

I guess the rule of thumb is always double-checking the facts before believing anything you read on the internet and your social media.

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