Once the richest man in the world Bill Gates was a pioneer in COmputer science and development. He recently went viral on social media, no he didn't buy Twitter you're thinking of Elon Musk.

No Bill went viral for a very different reason and was body shamed. However, the weirdest part of this story is that it wasn't technically Bill's body, I mean it was but not really.


Twitter was in an absolute storm trying to find the reasoning as to why his upper half was so large. Honestly, the answer was pretty simple, someone who doesn't like the billionaire edited the video and enhanced his torso while shrinking his stomach region to make it seem as if something was going on.

Obviously, in this day and age videos are much easier to edit and push to the masses. Has Bill Gates's creation finally gotten used against him? He's yet to respond to the video, granted if any of us had that much money I doubt we would care about the public opinion of us.

Obviously, Bill Gates isn't in the best shape of his life, but we should all be so lucky to look like Bill Gates at 66 years old...or at least have a bank account his size.

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