Scarecrow Video is an iconic landmark in the U District of Seattle, Washington. For many years locals would prefer this eclectic shop for their home viewing needs over national chains like a Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

Scarecrow Video had many selections that most other rental shops wouldn't carry.

You never knew what you'd find here. Just walking in to see what they had on the shelf was part of the journey as you were sure to find something cool that you never knew existed before you walked in through the front doors.

In 2014, Scarecrow Video turned into a nonprofit organization as basically an archive for the video store which houses somewhere in the vicinity of 148,000 movies and titles.

Now they're saying Save Our Scarecrow as they're in need of funds and in a big hurry before they close the archive for good.

How you can help save Scarecrow Video

Well, they're in need of money. A lot of money. $1.8 million to be exact. Best way you can support is to make a donation directly.

Why so much money?

Over the years, people have been renting movies less and less. While many chains have closed permanently Scarecrow Video was one that decided to stay open for the community who loves them so much. On top of that, funds coming in for nonprofits have also been drastically cut.

They also have options to be members and more through their website.

If they're able to raise these funds by the end of the year, they'll be able to stay at their current location for as long as possible, provide the staff with a living wage, hire a permanent leader and provide the working capital to get the store back on track.

You can find out more on Scarecrow Video's website.

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