Kip Moore admits that just a few years ago he wouldn't have embraced the message of a song like "More Girls Like You." The singer is hardly prepping for marriage, but he's open to the idea now. That's just part of what fans will find on his next studio album.

Moore is in a better place than he was just six months ago. An extended vacation brought him some perspective. He took three months to surf and camp and think about where he was headed personally and professionally.

"I think I’ve had to learn to not be so hard on myself," he told Taste of Country prior to the 2017 ACM Awards. "I’m quick to beat myself up over stuff because I wanna be great at what I do and I take it serious, so I gotta learn to balance that a little better."

The still untitled new album will feature a little of his Motown influences like Wild Ones did, but fans will hear more of the rock influences in his life. The lead single "More Girls Like You" is not indicative of where he's headed sonically, he says.

“At times you might even get a little bit of old-school Black Crowe vibes."

Fans can breathe easy knowing the 37-year-old won't take a sharp left turn. The most dedicated of his followers are who's most important to him, and he knows that as he grows, they're growing.

"I see people trying to hold onto singing to a younger demographic because that’s what sells records," Moore says, "and I think we’re forced to do that a lot … I’m never gonna be that guy."

Moore's next studio album will be his third, and his first since Wild Ones in 2015. No release date or title has been released yet.

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