Lisa is really good at games. We both love them. Board games, device games, thumb wrestling. We even have our own travel Scrabble game that we take with us to the Yakima Public House. We are game junkies.

One of our favorite games shows is ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Lisa is really good at it. I have seen her solve puzzles with two letters. She’s got a gift. We also love ‘The Wall’ and when feeling confident, we’ll hit up ‘Jeopardy’.

"Jeopardy!" Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Tournament Show Taping

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We were watching “Wheel” the other night and they briefly mentioned, “Would you like to be a Wheel contestant? So I went there. Check out the website here 

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while and will pursue it. In the meantime, is there anyone here in the Yakima Valley that has been on a national televised TV show? Specifically a game show? Such as ‘The Price Is Right’? ‘Jeopardy’? ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ Have you or someone you know been on one of these shows? What was the experience like? What did they win?

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I had a nephew who went all the way to the ‘Price Is Right’ showdown and won over $25,000 in appliances. He said the downside was, he had to pay all the taxes on that. But his kitchen looked great.

He said it was a great experience and that he would do it again.

So why do I want to do this? First off, I have a curious inquisitive nature. Second, I am all about experiences. Thirdly, it’s a fun way to make some extra “side hustle” cash.

Would love to know your experiences on this. Feel free to hit me up and share yours!


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