The title track of Lauren Alaina's forthcoming EP Getting Over Him is an upbeat look at a rebound from both sides of the relationship. The country star enlisted her fellow artist and good friend Jon Pardi for the new duet.

Alaina co-wrote "Getting Over Him" with Paul DiGiovanni and Emily Weisband. She's been cheated on and is looking for something decidedly not serious, and Pardi's "getting over him guy" has got a reputation and is more than willing to help out.

"I’ve got a duet with Pardi on his album, and then he loved this one," Alaina explains in a press release, adding, "His energy is so amazing. I can’t believe I have a rebound song – but I do."

"Getting Over Him" is one of six songs on Alaina's EP of the same name. It also features a duet with pop singer Lukas Graham, on "What Do You Think Of." Alaina co-wrote every track on the project.

“Music is my lifeline. Music literally pulls me out of everything I ever go through ... and I feel really empowered with this music. I feel like this music shows my personal growth and my emotional growth," Alaina says. "This EP of songs is all about loving myself through other people not loving me and not staying with me. It’s about me being able to get back to that same confident girl I wrote about on [2017's] Road Less Traveled and to hold on to that confidence. I get to celebrate that with this music, and I am so excited."

Getting Over Him follows Getting Good, which Alaina dropped in March 2020.

Getting Over Him Cover Art
Mercury Records

Did You Know?: Lauren Alaina joins Jon Pardi on a song called "Don't Blame It On the Whiskey" on his 2019 album, Heartache Medication.

Lauren Alaina, Jon Pardi, "Getting Over Him" Lyrics:

Heard from a friend of a friend that you had a reputation / And it sounded like my kind of lonely medication / I was the girl he’d cheat on, looking for a little bit of neon / So I got drunk hit you up and you took the invitation.

We were dive bar kissing / Heartbreak fixing / No strings Saturday night / Hot like a match it burned out fast / Forever wasn’t in our eyes / You knew it and I knew it / And it was a damn good time / My last call first call no falling / Just my getting over him guy / I was getting over him.

Jon Pardi:
I heard from a friend of a friend that you had a bad month girl / You said that you needed someone who liked to have a little fun girl / Turns out that’s my specialty / Cooked you up a good recipe / Denim on denim forget him / Yeah, we lit it up girl.

Repeat Chorus

Girl I can be your go to hold you savior / Let me know if I can ever return the favor.

Repeat Chorus

Listen to Lauren Alaina and Jon Pardi, "Getting Over Him":

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