I don't do it enough. I have a feeling you don't either. It's most likely a time issue. We do need to do it more though. The doc says I should. Who am I to argue?

So, this weekend, specifically Saturday, I plan on doing it – the Art of Niksen. Which is going to be a challenge for someone who likes being productive like me.

So, what is the Art of Niksen? Glad you asked – it’s doing, well – nothing.

Yep, Nada. Zilch. Zero. Not a dang thing. It’s beyond lazy. And that’s exactly what I am going to do on Saturday – nothing.  I am justifying this as a “self-care” day. Hey, my doc recommended it. Why not?

I lead a busy life. No complaints here. In 2020, there are many who unwittingly found themselves out of a job (including my brother). I am so thankful NOT to be one of them.

I count my blessings early and often. But even the busiest of us need to slow down and smell the roses. Or, do nothing. So that’s what is on my agenda – doing nothing. The Art of Niksen.


The Danish aren’t known for their innovation or cutting edge tech. They are more known for wooden shoes and confectionary delights. But one thing they are good at, is self-care. That’s where the Art of Niksen was born.

The Art of Niksen is a fairly new one. It is supposed to be the idea of relaxing with zero purpose. Staring out a window is a common Niksen practice.

Listening to music is another Niksen idea. The idea is to relax with no agenda. No plans, no goals other than to relax, chill and give you some time to breathe.

My Art Of Niksen begins on Saturday. I plan unplugging my phone, rolling out of bed at around Noon, (which is waaaayyyyy later than my usual 3am weekly call time), maybe microwave a Hotpocket for breakfast and finish up the latest book (I am reading about Jesus Christ’s childhood friend “Biff”. It’s pretty hilarious) and rolling back into bed around 3p. Maybe catch a nap, then watch ‘Stepbrothers’ or some other inane movie. Then maybe a beer, then catching up with Lisa after she is off work.


It’s gonna be interesting to see if I can make it the whole day without being productive. Will let you know on Monday.

In the meantime, I raise a glass to the Danes and the Art of Niksen for a rare Saturday off. I encourage you to join me if you can.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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