Lindsay Ell looks to be single again, but she's not alone. The country singer and boyfriend Adam Roa broke up just months after she made the relationship official on social media.

The "Want Me Back" singer told People about the breakup, saying: "We just realized that we wanted different things, but I wish him all the best." She had told fans and media of the romance in October, but dropped clues earlier. Things looked to be going very well as recently as mid-December, when ET Canada published a story that found her gushing.

“I’m so grateful for him,” she said. “At the beginning of quarantine I was by myself in four walls for 100 days, so it’s been a huge blessing for sure.”

The People article indicates the breakup came over the holidays, as she was home alone unable to travel to Canada for the break for the first time in years. Hence her new dog, a 1-year-old Pomeranian rescue named Hendrix.

"I started getting used to having a dog around the house again," Ell said, speaking to her fondness for Roa's dog. "Being with him and having Serendipity around reminded me how much I loved having a dog — waking up to a dog and their sweet little face."

Thirty-five-year-old Roa is a Los Angeles-based poet and artist. Ell, 31, lives in Nashville but said she'd done a lot of traveling back and forth to be with him. The first pictures of her new pup appeared on her Instagram on Dec. 22. She said she'd long fought the notion of having a dog since she travels so much, but felt it was a sign when a woman she'd been in contact with at Take Paws Rescue in New Orleans texted her hours after she prayed on it.

"I wanted to rescue because I knew I wanted to find a little dog that really and truly needed a home," she says. "And then when I found her, I knew I wanted to name her after one of my musical idols. Hendrix is a pretty badass name for a girl."

The Pomeranian quickly took to her, and her friends. One splendid picture on Ell's social media pages is of her, Hendrix, Carly Pearce and her dog June. It's the kind of picture from the kind of friendship that one could imagine being taken yearly for the next 50 years.

"Want Me Back" is Ell's newest single from her Heart Theory album (2020). Much of that album centers on her breakup with radio deejay Bobby Bones.

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