Cheese Zombies were the staple food option for our local schools growing up in the Yakima Valley. Nobody has been able to quite explain why this simple combination of yeasty bread and the type of processed cheese they use makes these so wonderful. Maybe it's exactly that. The fact that it's simple by design yet so amazingly tasty that people keep coming back for more. I could also be the nostalgia of sinking your teeth into one of this cheese pillows that whisk you back to a time when you'd hang out with your friends all day, didn't have the responsibilities you have now. Either way, these are amazing and always welcome any and all restaurants in town to carry them.

There's a new place in town that has these available and I knew I had to try them. I'm glad I did.

The Kiln on 72nd between Nob Hill and Tieton carries these now, but it seems it's a Wednesday-exclusive option. These are gigantic! They are also served with tomato soup.

The Kiln is a wonderful place that has pizza, wings and more, as well as several beer options. Especially in the warmer months when the outside area is open, it's a favorite for myself and my kids. Especially when others bring dogs in as this place is puppy-friendly.

On Wednesday, at The Kiln, your cheese zombie comes with a side of tomato soup for dipping and dunking and perhaps sipping as well. Me, because I'm me, I took it a step further and ordered the bread and beer cheese so I could dunk the cheese zombie directly into the beer cheese to make it extra cheesy. Just a thought and an option if you feel you need to be at your utmost cheesiest.


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