If you've ever wanted to let the Department of Natural Resources how you feel about how recreation and use is managed on DNR-managed lands in Yakima County your chance comes on November 15. Officials from the department are holding a open discussion
“This meeting will be an opportunity for DNR to connect with our land users and visitors to discuss challenges and opportunities the department faces in managing our lands for public use,” DNR Southeast Region Recreation and Public Use Manager Stephanie Margheim says “This is a chance for us to build on our existing relationships and create new ones.”

You could be part of a DNR focus group

She says they're also looking for people interested in becoming part of a focus group in the future "that will collaborate on recreation and public use topics in the county. Nominees to the focus group will meet regularly throughout the year and provide input about recreational and public use priorities in Yakima County."

You can help improve life in the forest

Department of Natural Resources officials say the goal of the meeting and the focus group is to help land managers and user groups identify challenges and determine what resources can be used to make life and experiences in the forest better for the public.

DNR Yakima User Group Meeting
November 15, 2022 – 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

YVCC Conference Center Meeting Room C (Building 38, 16th & Nob Hill Blvd)

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