Luke Bryan being the nice guy that he is has eight dates on the books for his 2012 Farm Tour. The tour takes place this October and is guaranteed to raise some money for some of the farming families in need.

This will be the fourth year Luke has embarked on his Farm Tour, which the proceeds from the concerts go to fund a scholarship for a student from a farming family attending a local college in each community where the shows are taking place. My question is why not have the farm tour in the Northwest? We produce 40 Billion dollars worth of agricultural products. In Luke's defense he's a Georgia boy and you can't blame him for helping those in his backyard. Here's what Luke has to say about his 4th Farm Tour.

“We just want to have a little fun in the fall, and I think what’s cool about the Farm Tour is when we continue to go to places like Claxton (Georgia) and Valdosta (Georgia). These things are a big event for these towns, and I just love the fact that people can come out and have a big time, listen to some music. And it’s just a fun experience all the way around. I want to continue to do what I can to keep it rockin’.

Luke Bryan Farm Tour 2012
• October 3 Claxton, GA Longneedle Farm
• October 4 Clemson, SC Campus Beach
• October 5 Auburn, AL Adams Farm
• October 6 Valdosta, GA **Location to be announced**
• October 10 Villa Rica, GA **Location to be announced**
• October 11 Athens, GA Tucker Plantation
• October 12 Tallahassee, FL **Location to be announced**
• October 13 Macon, GA Midway at Central Park City