Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, are back at it with their annual barrage of December pranks called 12 Days of Pranksmas. But Caroline's joke for Day 2 might be the most surprising of all.

Fittingly dubbed "The Mannequin," this prank involves Caroline posing as an in-store dummy. When an unsuspecting shopper peruses the gift shop of the country singer's Nashville restaurant, Luke's 32 Bridge, Caroline comes to life at the opportune time to startle the patron.

Talk about a shocking Christmas shopping experience — watch the Day 2 prank below. It's not all just fun and games, however. As part of that 12 Days of Pranksmas post, Caroline reveals they are giving away Brett's Barn hoodies to a random selection of 10 followers who tag a friend in the comments.

The pair's practical joke for Day 1 was equally jarring. On Dec. 13, Luke's mother, LeClaire Bryan, fell victim to the prank that involved internet personality Trailer Trash Tammy. She chases after Luke after spotting the singer and his mother spending time out on the golf course.

That brings us to the latest trio of pranks. On Day 3 (Dec. 15), Caroline used a bottle of "Liquid Ass" fake fart spray to enthrall a variety of surprised sufferers. Watch the trick, directly below, that came with a word of warning:

"Don't ever, ever spray this in a restaurant," Caroline says. "Huge mistake!"

As the week rolls on, Luke and Caroline continue their Pranksmas tradition. Day 4 (Dec. 16) finds Luke's mother again making an appearance. The Bryan matriarch asks "a few buddies" for the location of the nearest adult store. Day 5 (Dec. 17) has the couple tricking a couple of buddies with a dinnertime prank. The pair pretend to cook their beloved pet turkey, Juanita, presenting it as a completely "organic" Christmas dinner for their pals.

"Disclaimer, she's been in there for 20 seconds," Carolina adds after Luke shows the pet turkey hiding in a shipping box. "She's our pet; she's not getting abused. She only knows human love." Watch below.

What other pranks will Luke and Caroline set off for the remaining 12 Days of Pranksmas? It seems quite sure that the two pranksters have some more crafty ideas up their sleeves.

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