There's something Peter Weber from the Bachelor needs to know about finalist Madison Prewett. Actually, the 23-year-old has a few secrets.

Fans found out during Monday night's episode (Feb. 17), but the 28-year-old is in the dark about just how true to her faith the Alabama native is. Taste of Country did a deep dive on Prewett, a former pageant girl and current foster parent recruiter. She's a woman of strong moral character.

The above video spoils some information about the show's final two contestants, but there's still many theories about how the show ends. Does Madison self-eliminate? Do they get engaged? Is she set to become the Bachelorette?

On Monday night, Weber did three of four scheduled meet-and-greets with parents, as his planned visit with Victoria F.'s folks was interrupted due to some heavy drama. She seems to be the queen of that this season — remember the Chase Rice incident?

Three women get a rose, while one is sent home in tears. Weber has professed his love for two of the remaining ladies, with one (Hannah Ann) looking like a favorite to connect with him, regardless of her father's concerns. Prewett's visit with her family and Weber goes well, but her dad has some serious issue with how quickly they've fallen for one another. At this point, Peter doesn't know about Madison's "faith decisions" (her mother's words, not ours).

Learn all about who Madison Prewett is in the video above and subscribe for more. Next week is the fantasy suite in Australia and tensions are rising.

The Bachelor airs on ABC on Monday nights.

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