You're probably looking at this photo and asking yourself, "so, what?" but I'm here to tell you this blew my mind in a weird, alternate reality making rub my eyes and pinching myself to see for sure what I was seeing and it turned out to be true. These bottled teas from Japan are in Yakima and at only two for a dollar.

What makes this tea so special? Well, I mean, at the end of the day it's just bottled tea from Japan. But it's a favorite of my wife. When we visit Seattle we'll hit up a local Asian grocery store in Seattle and stock up on these for close to $1.79 each. She's even on an Amazon subscription service that automatically sends us a new case of bottles each month.

Saving so much money on buying these in town, I'm half-tempted to buy them all but I think I will at least grab a few and save the others if anyone else is in our situation where they love it, too, or just wanna try it. I'll still buy plenty, but won't sell them out of stock.

I found these at the West Valley Grocery Outlet. I'm not sure if they also have these at the other locations.

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