It's hard to believe Microsoft started out in the garage of Bill Gates back in 1975, little did he know it would change the world. Bill Gates set out to revolutionize the way we live our lives, introducing the computer and the promise of the future in technology.

Fast forward to today Microsoft is a multi-billion-dollar company, financing more than just your average tech or computers. Playing their part in smartphones, video games, healthcare and so much more. Now they've purchased one of the biggest companies in gaming.

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It's no secret Microsoft is a gaming giant inside the community releasing titles like Halo, Sea of Thieves, Gears of War honestly the list goes on. However, the gaming world is shocked to find the news that Microsoft has bought Activision, Treyarch, and Ravensoft in a  70 billion dollar deal.

Activision releases many gaming titles however their most popular is none other than Call of Duty. That's right the first-person shooter game that took the world by storm in the mid-2000s and has stayed relevant for 20 years. now in 2022, the game has brought in billions in revenue due to both in-app purchases and copies of their main titles sold.

This has obviously caught the eye of many huge gaming and tech companies but Microsoft was the first to bite at the chance of owning it. This comes after multiple lawsuits and issues brewing inside of Activision. Employees have walked out due to grievances and the game has suffered from it losing hundreds of thousands of players.

Now with the game in Microsoft's capable hands, we could see the turnaround of the century. Rumors are saying Call of Duty could become an Xbox exclusive but it's very unlikely we'll see that since 48% of Activision's player base is PlayStation users. More than likely Microsoft will capitalize on its already widespread audience and continue to make the game for everyone.

This has become amazing news for everyone who has recently parted ways with the game myself included. The promise is there to fix the bugs that Activision has refused to address or fix over the years. Every game Microsoft puts out is praised and loved by the users and gaming community, this means big changes will come to the game and company to make it a better and fair work environment.

We're excited to see the changes and how fruitful this new business venture will become for Microsoft.


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