It's not cheap to attend school, even on a public level. You have to pay for pens and pencils. Maybe a new backpack or sports gear as needed.

Never mind back-to-school supplies, what if you also had to pay to go to high school? Well, for many around the United States they opt to send their children to a private school in lieu of a public one. Attending a private school could have its own benefits including smaller class sizes but it also comes at a price. found the most expensive high schools in the United States by each state. Some go for a lot more than you'd think; some not as much. The most expensive school in the evergreen state isn't near as much as, say, Connecticut but it's not that cheap, either.

Where is the most expensive high school in Washington State?

According to, the most expensive is on the west side of Washington -- no surprise there.
The Northwest School, albeit one of the most generic names for a school, will run you $44,950 to attend.

And that's just for one year.


The Northwest School places a heavy emphasis on interdisciplinary studies. It wants its students to understand how all of its studies are connected and how they relate to the real world, no matter how messy it gets.

They value the arts, diversity, and creativity, and they boast a highly educated faculty because they believe the best teachers make the best students. The best comes at a high price!

Like any typical high school, they still have programs like arts, music, sports, and even do plays like go on field trips. It's your typical school.

It's just that to attend The Northwest School you'll have to pay $44,95 a year.

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