Some people can't help but try and scare themselves silly during this time of the season, going to haunted houses, watching scary movies, and even staying the night in some haunted places. We will never suggest you stay in a haunted place by yourself unless you're experiencing and know what you're doing. However, if you're looking to find somewhere haunted for a visit, this list is for you.

We found the Top 5 most haunted cities in Washington state, we'll tell you where they are and why they're considered to be haunted. With this list we'll suggest you don't go looking for trouble but if there are ghost tours we always suggest checking those out. Now onto the list.

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5.) Ellensburg

Ellensburg is home to a lot of young people as it has Central Washington University, little did we know many of the locals believe the college to be haunted. Now we can't confirm it ourselves but the rumors told by other students, there are three separate halls that are haunted. We don't want to get too specific on where or which hall is haunted but the stories behind it are two different students who passed away have been spotted roaming said halls and one seen hanging from the rafters staring down at students.

4.) Auburn

Auburn has quite a history with ghosts, Auburn Senior Highschool is said to be haunted by a little girl who passed away over 80 years ago and hasn't left since. If that wasn't scary enough there is also the story of the man with no face who roams the streets looking for unattended teenagers and children. Known simply as the faceless man, it's rumored that it's an original founder of Auburn back when the town was known as Slaughter after an army general. Some say he haunts the streets due to how upset he is with what's happened with his land, others say he just enjoys scaring locals.

3.) Spokane

Spokane has been called many things, haunted is one of them. Locals claim a 1000-step staircase is haunted and the story behind it gives it some legs. known as the "Greenwood Haunted Staircase" is 1000 steps high, but the more you climb the heavier you feel. No not a feeling of exhaustion but a feeling as if someone is trying to push you back down the stairs. They claim the closer to the top you get the more pressure you feel being pushed backward like someone is trying to push you down the stairs.

2.) Tacoma

Tacoma has been called haunted for as long as we can remember, seeing as it was an industrial city with plenty of mills and other dangerous areas in the early days of settlement. Some of the ghost stories are enough to make the bravest people shake. They actually give ghost tours around the city and show you some of the darker stuff you won't find in history books. They also mention a man who haunts the old train station in downtown Tacoma, saying people hear him inside the building either talking or making loud noises for some sort of attention. Officers have even been called to the building to find nothing there but an eerie feeling.

1.) Seattle

Seattle has been considered to be haunted not long after the great Seattle Fire that wiped out over 25 city blocks and caused 20 million dollars in damage (That's 603 million in damage today.) It was caused by an overturned Gluepot, however, there was only 1 death. In order to rebuild Seattle decided to build a new city on top of the previous one, some people lost their lives in the reconstruction, others refused to leave, and some say those that refused to leave still haunt the underground of Seattle to this day. You can book a ghost tour and check it out for yourself, but remember...we warned you.

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