I grew up most of my life in Western Washington, for a long time I loved it and couldn't picture myself living anywhere else. Something crazy happened which resulted in me having to pack my bags and find a new place to call home, luckily it was Eastern Washington.

After living in Yakima for over a year I can say there are many reasons to leave the west side. Without being petty, I decided to find legit reasons people should or at least consider moving out to Eastern Washington. If you think you can come up with better ones, don't be shy, send them to me and we can update the list!

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4.) Amazing Sights

Everywhere you look Washington is like a postcard, I'm sure you've heard that a million times, but it's true. Eastern Washington is wide open spaces, beautiful farms, gorgeous scenery, and amazing sunsets. Eastern Washington may not have the multiple huge cities western Washington does but, it does have amazing people and amazing views.

3.) Farm To Table 

If you love fresh food you're not gonna get any fresher than in Eastern Washington, there are a lot of farming communities out here and ones that are proud of the food and produce it contributes. Restaurants all around eastern Washington get the freshest meat, produce, and more. Since it's all so close you're getting the freshest of the fresh which makes for amazing meals.

2.) Less Traffic

Traffic isn't nonexistent by any means but it sure does beat the 405 drive in western Washington. There were multiple times being fifteen minutes outside of Seattle and it took a full 3 hours to get to our destination because of dead-stop traffic alone. That's not a problem you have in eastern Washington, I'm pretty sure my longest traffic jam since moving here was no longer than 15 minutes. Making it a great reason to get away from the west side.

1.) Cost of Living 

I'll be honest, Washington as a whole is expensive to live wherever you go. However, Eastern Washington is nowhere near as expensive as western Washington, making it more affordable and giving you more money that you're not spending on rent or a mortgage. We're not saying it's cheaper than anywhere else in Washington but it definitely saves your wallet in the long run.

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