Netflix was one of the first streamings services that really changed the game in home entertainment. It was the first company to allow you easy access to streaming multiple titles on one platform.

Fast forward to today and Netflix is at the bottom of most peoples streaming habits. It isn't that Netflix doesn't have some top-tier content to offer but the prices are driving people away.

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Now on the rise is password sharing, people all over the country have been sharing their Netflix passwords with friends and family, which doesn't seem like that big of a deal until Netflix lost over 55 million people in subscriptions. This comes from the news of them upping their prices to over 15 dollars a month which has everyone wondering why they would pay for that especially after cutting cable.

Streaming is pretty much the new cable with different monthly packages you can add on or take away at a moment's notice. Across these platforms, many people share passwords back and forth to help people they know and love who can't afford such things.

Now Netflix is working on a new system that will show where the main account holder lives and who else is using the service and where. They haven't stated what the punishment will be for password sharing but it could turn into a permanent ban on using their services. I myself was guilty of sharing passwords not long back but quickly changed my passwords to avoid any wrongdoing or loss of my favorite shows.

But is it fair, many people are claiming Netflix offers no affordable monthly prices and has forced password sharing onto its users, that may be the case but sadly they get the last say. So if you're currently sharing your Netflix password and want to keep it you may have to cut other people off.

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