I was recently introduced to a country artist through a friend in the radio industry. My friend sent me a song, asking me to listen to the artist and let him know my thoughts. I instantly fell in love with the song, which takes a lot since we are bombarded with new artists and new music all the time.

His name is Mitchell Tenpenny. Yes, that's his real last name. The song was "Drunk Me."

After hearing "Drunk Me," I needed to know more about this Mitchell Tenpenny! I first went to YouTube watching the video for "Drunk Me." The next Mitchell Tenpenny song that popped up on the tube was called "Bitches." I laughed listening to the song. It was catchy with attitude.

Next, I turned to Google. I discovered that Mitchell's grandma was in the music industry. Dolly Hilley was a publishing legend with Sony. As a kid, Mitchell would spend time in his grandma's office. That's where Mitchell discovered his love of songwriting. You may recognize one of the songs, "If the Boot Fits," by Granger Smith.

Mitchell's musical influences growing up range from the Oak Ridge Boys to R. Kelly to Michael Jackson to singing in church. Which explains the soulful sound to his music.

Around the time of my stalking Mitchell, I mean research, Watershed released its Next from Nashville stage lineup and guess whose name was on it? Yep, Mitchell Tenpenny.

Now, I've only watched one other artist on the Next from Nashville stage at Watershed, Brett Young. Who two years later ended up on the main stage this past weekend at Watershed.

So, when I was offered up the opportunity to meet with Mitchell in the Media Room I jumped at the chance!

Mitchell was nice even as I seemed to fan girl out a little bit, which also rarely happens.

I made sure to mention to him that Brett Young was on the Next from Nashville stage two years earlier and would be on the main stage at Watershed the following day. I told him that would be him soon. (See, I told you I was fan girling out big time!)

Mitchell added extra points when he rolled out onto the Next from Nashville stage in a Mariners Ken Griffey Jr. Jersey.

He's working on his upcoming album, which will hopefully be out soon.

Take a listen for yourself:

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