I think they might find a lot of people that will doing the BIGGEST tailgate party at the New Cowboy Stadium!! Start finding your place NOW!! The Party Plaza will be packed!! Okay! Okay! It's a Cowboy Cheerleader not the stadium! who wants to look at a picture of a stupid building?!

Hey for just one-third the price of a regular ticket, NFL fans will be able to stand outside Cowboys Stadium and act like they are attending the Super Bowl XLV. The tickets are to watch the game on large HD video screens that will be on the east side of the stadium, costing $200 bucks!

superbowl fan

Tickets will first be offered to Cowboys season-ticket holders who will have to buy in blocks of four. The $800 covers four tickets, four programs, four scarves and a parking pass.

Buying the tickets will count in the offical attendance. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jone expressed that they want to break the record for the biggest  crowd at a Super Bowl 14 which is 103,985 set in 1980 at the Rose Bowl. When then Pittsburg Steeler defeated the LA Rams 31 to 19. 

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