Niko Moon aimed his debut single at summer 2020, but circumstances have prevented country music fans from living out his "Good Time" for real. The pop-friendly beat tells a familiar story of loving and laughing and drinking and picking around a campfire.

It's a style that fits Moon like a worn-in pair of bluejeans, the kind you won't give up on until holes become too big to patch. He's a smooth vocalist with genuine enthusiasm for this boozy chill — think Billy Currington if the "We Are Tonight" singer added a little more hip-hop to his mix and fired his band. The arrangement is sparse, but dotted with enough acoustic and steel guitar to keep it country in 2020.

Moon is closely associated with Zac Brown, having written several of the band's hit songs and having teamed with the singer and Ben Simonetti to create Sir Rosevelt, Brown's short-lived dalliance with dance and electronica. "Good Time" falls between the two projects sonically, and that's working on country radio (nearly Top 40 after 13 weeks on the Billboard Country Airplay chart). The social nature of the song also provides a strange kind of mental vacation for those of us cooped up at home all summer long. No, we can't pass a bottle around a campfire and sip apple pie moonshine while singing "Dixieland Delight" in real life. But it's nice to pretend for three-and-a-half minutes.

Did You Know?: Among the Zac Brown Band songs Moon helped co-write are "Homegrown" and "Keep Me in Mind."

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Niko Moon, "Good Time" Lyrics: 

We just trying to catch a good time / Even if it takes all night / Pass that bottle around the campfire / Sippin' apple pie moonshine / Yeah, we pickin' on them guitars just right / Everybody singing Dixieland Delight / Like a bobber on a wet line / We just trying to catch a good time.

Eighty degrees and the sun ain't even out / We got a spot a couple miles out of town /When that moon comes up, you know what's goin' down / We got them folding chairs leaning way back / No other plans other than relax / We ain't worried about tomorrow from where we at.

Repeat Chorus

Way down here we all got that southern drawl / Take our time when we talkin', hey y'all / Yeah it don't take much for us to have it all / Something 'bout a night this clear / Makes your problems disappear / We just gonna stay right here and let the world go by.

Repeat Chorus

There's somethin' 'bout a night this clear / Makes your problems disappear / So we just gonna stay right here and let the world go by.

Repeat Chorus

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