He's said it many times in the past and he's saying it again Today.
Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says despite what some people claim the Yakima County Elections Department does not and has never used or been connected to the Dominion Voting System machines that have been linked to claims of election fraud.

The machines being used in Yakima have never had a problem

Currently the county uses Hart InterCivic voting machines and have never had a problem including any claims of fraud in Yakima County. The machines are ballot counting machines since the state operates under a vote-by-mail system where ballots are printed and sent to voters and then sent back to be counted by the auditors office.

Ross says his office is always checking and re-checking machines

Ross says logic and accuracy tests are always made and certified by the state before any ballots are counted. He also says they run random audits throughout the counting process to make sure the count is correct. Ross says they also conducted a post election audit again to make sure the machines counted correctly.
Ross says the machines are not connected to the internet and he's confident the vote is correct. In fact a hand recount was made in a race for county commissioner last year in which 40,000 ballots were voted. The hand recount confirmed the machine count and the race was settled.

It's almost time to vote

Are you registered to vote in the state of Washington? An important election is right around the corner and you can sign up to vote today at the Yakima County Auditors Office in the Yakima County Courthouse or you can sign up on line at the Secretary of State's website at https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/register.aspx

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