Gyms closing, schools closing, arcades closing - it's hard to find outdoor activities so maybe we'll rely on sports? Not quite as many sporting events are also put on hiatus due to coronavirus and social distancing. If you need that competitive fix, though, the classic show MXC is available right now and free for everyone!

TUBI is the name of an app that is packed with shows and movies. Unlike Hulu or Netflix, this is free with commercial interruption. I was pleased to find one of my favorite shows of the 2000's. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC).

If you're not familiar, it's a show they borrowed from Japan and redubbed it with their own script to make it all about some fictional competition. In reality, you watched it because you love watching people fail and fail hard, falling on their face into water or getting smacked with a ball to hard you get knocked out.

Either way, it's a fun watch with brilliant writing and can't talk highly of it enough.

The Tubi app is available on smart devices like your phone or even your PS4. Or you can just watch through their website.


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