Last October, we here at Townsquare Media Yakima had the privilege of once again partnering with Children's Village for the Children's Miracle Network Radiothon. That day, you helped us soar past our fund-raising goal, to help kids and their families in the Yakima Valley.

I remember having an off-air conversation with our then popular morning show host, and my friend, Gunner, about how blessed we were, to have had such healthy children (and in my case, grandchildren). Neither of us could have known what lay ahead for his family and one of his precious daughters, Taytem.


Fast forward to this Spring, Gunner and Cheyenne had taken their show on the road and accepted a career-defining opportunity in Phoenix, Arizona. All was going well, Gunner and his family were adjusting, and then, their little Taytem wasn't feeling well.

On April 18th Taytem was admitted into the hospital, the day before her 4th birthday. The doctors had a suspicion of what the diagnosis on Taytem's stomach pain would be but tests had to be run, which meant a biopsy on Monday April 20th. After a few days, Taytem’s family finally got the news… On Wednesday April 22nd she was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor.

Yes, that's cancer. The huge tumor attaching itself to her kidney, as a Wilms Tumor does. They got the news that cancer had spread to lungs and liver as well. Remember, this family is #TaytemStrong - so they readied themselves for a series of chemo treatments. Along with that, comes hair loss. Dad and daughter are twins!


Since the start of Chemo Taytem has had to undergo 2 blood transfusions that have resulted in overnight stays in the hospital. It’ll be a tough ride, but Taytem is a tough girl. She’s got this! Radiation may be necessary too. The kidney and tumor will require surgery to remove.


I'd like to ask that if you're in a position to help, and any amount is very helpful, please contribute to their GoFundMe account that is set up. Let's help them reach their goal and help to slightly lessen their load as they team with Taytem to beat this thing.


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