A charter school is bringing back a paddling policy and parents are enraged over the new policy.

As a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's, we'd be subject to "hacks" if we got out of line in school. it's been a lot of years since school used corporal punishment but one school in Georgia is bringing the policy back. It's a charter school - they issued a "paddling policy" of no more than 3 hacks for each offense.

Parents can sign off or not participate in the policy. If a parent doesn't want the paddling, their kids are suspended for 5 days. It seems like a third of the parents have returned their paddling policies with some parents up in arms over the policy.

We got hacks back when I was a kid, so I'd support a policy like that and as long as I was notified before my kid got paddled. do you agree or disagree with a paddling policy?

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You can check out the school and article here


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