Marvel Comics is on a roll after Guardians Of The Galaxy, a lesser-known Marvel Comic property featuring a talking raccoon and walking tree that has managed to make close to a billion dollars at the box office. Marvel steps up to the plate again with Ant Man, a 1960's Original Avenger and early Silver Age Marvel hero that never managed to have his own comic book series. The new tease trailer is out and we finally get to see how realistic a shrinking man riding on the back of a bee and fighting crime is.Marvel had continued to surprise everyone as 2008's Iron Man proved to be a big hit. You need a good story and lots of fun to get movie goers to the theaters, and Ant Man's tease seems to please folks right off the bat. Ant Man will be on Theaters on July 17th so get ready for a HIT or a miss --- either way --- it will be an unusual take on a lesser Marvel character.