Have you heard about Pegasus Project in the Yakima Valley?

Its mission is to provide quality therapeutic riding and other equine-assisted services to improve the health and well-being of people with special physical and emotional needs

Pegasus Project 17th Annual Polo for Pegasus Tournament, September 17th

Join the Pegasus Project Therapeutic Riding Center Saturday, September 17th for their second annual Polo for Pegasus tournament presented by Pingrey Ford.

Enjoy 3 exhilarating polo matches, gourmet food and beverages, “Best Hat Contest,” a pop-up market, a whiskey & cigar tent, and the traditional “Sparkling Wine Divot Stomp!”

How to get Tickets to Pegasus Project 17th Annual Polo for Pegasus Tournament

The Polo Tournament will take place in the beautiful Wenas Valley, starting at 11 am. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door, so visit PegasusRides.com today. It's Polo for Pegasus - Saturday, September 17th!

Want to win tickets? Fill out this form for a chance to win a pair from us!

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