OK. Time to take a stand...which is it?  Which is best...cats or dogs.  I was a dog guy most of my life but I have to say I'm coming around to cats...and I'm not alone.  Pet adoptions have been significant during this pandemic, so much so that somebody decided to study it.  More on the results in a moment.

Backstory: Growing up on a farm we always had barn cats around.  One of farm life's great pleasures as a kid was digging through the stacked bales of hay and listening for the faint sounds of newborn kittens.  Momma kitty would show up and we would follow her to the nest of precious tiny kitties. The good old days.

Jump ahead a decade or five...and my daughter Kate asks to have a kitten...she wants a fluffy white one with green eyes.  My wife's sneeze inducing long haired, long time(19 years) cat had recently passed so I said we could talk about it.  Her request seemed pretty specific so I think maybe I'm safe saying yes.  (I'm allergic to the long haired fluffy kind)   So Kate and her mom headed out to go kitten hunting.  Next thing I know I'm seeing pictures on my phone of a pair of tortoiseshell colored sister kittens that aren't green eyed, white or fluffy but they are available for adoption!

The next next thing I know after that is Harper and Hazel are purring their way through my front door, taking over my chair, annoying our dogs and even sleeping on the foot of my bed!  What happened!!  Over time they have "matured" and they now go by the new names of "Thick and Thin".  Thin is still pretty thick at around 10 pounds which gives you an idea of just how thick Thick must be!  (15 lbs!)

Ok, that's my cat story, but as I mentioned, somebody studied the dog/cat conundrum during this pandemic and Fox News reported that the "Home improvement website Porch.com analyzed adoption data to determine if cats or dogs were adopted more often state by state during the pandemic so far. The West Coast mostly favored cats ...the East Coast mostly favored dogs...the Midwest and South were mixed...overall, cats were adopted more by a slight margin."

So it's Cats for the Win!

For the record our cats are rescue cats and my oldest daughter in Vancouver, WA just got a new rescue dog...which she found on line...and had shipped to Vancouver...from Texas! What???

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