Talk about customer service! Domino's driver delivered BIG TIME! BIG STANDING "O" FROM THE BULL!!!

Susan Guy, who works for Domino's Pizza came to the rescue of Jean Wilson a elderly woman who is a very loyal customer and has been ordering a pizza a day for the past three years.

On Monday, Susan arrived at work only to hear that Mrs. Wilson had not called for her daily order. Guy went on a gut feeling something was wrong and went to check in on Wilson. When no one answered the door, Susan asked a neighbor if he saw her lately, which his said "no".  A call to the police was made and they came, broke down the door to find Mrs. Wilson on the floor. She had fallen over the weekend and could not get to the phone to call for help. 

Police broke the door down and found Wilson on the floor. She'd fallen Saturday and couldn't get to a phone to call for help. 

It's possible her pizza-heavy diet may have saved her life.

 Late Monday evening, Wilson was listed in non-critical condition at a local Memphis hospital.

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