If you tuned into "The Voice" last night you may have noticed a change with Adam Levine ... no ... not those weird glasses he wears from time to time.

Adam dyed his gorgeous brown locks a platinum blond. He shocked everyone on Twitter with the picture of his new do.

I love me some Adam Levine and I always ogle over his big Proactive poster in the malls.

But I don't care for his blond hair. I think it's because his eyebrows are still dark brown and he looks evil with the blond 'do.

I'm not alone. Here are some quotes from his Twitter followers:

"Adam Levine dyed his hair blonde ... that is it, the apocalypse!"

"Honestly it's dead Adam Levine crush is dead."

"2007 Adam Levine would have made fun of 2014 Adam Levine so bad."

Do you love the blond or prefer the brown?