If you've ever played cards, it's guaranteed that you've heard someone complain about their awful luck and how they took the worst beat ever. A lot of the time it's just sour grapes after losing, but not on this hand.

During the World Series of Poker's Big One for One Drop, Connor Drinan pushed all-in against Cary Katz with both players holding pocket aces. Mathematically, that meant that there was a 96% chance the hand would end in a tie with each player holding a mere 2% chance of winning the pot.

The dealer proceeded to lay down four hearts to complete a flush for Katz, eliminating Drinan from the tournament in heartbreaking fashion. And as if that wasn't tortuous enough, the tournament buy-in was $1 million, meaning that's the amount he lost on that one poker hand.

Next time your buddy tries selling you his tale of bad luck, let him know that he didn't come close to getting 'Drinan'd.'

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