I am always the last to hear the latest news. I didn't know, for instance, that the Gilbert Cellars Tasting Room is closing up shop on its downtown Yakima tasting room. I can't believe it, it's like the end of a young era. It was such a popular local downtown winery, at least amongst me and my friends. Now I am merely speculating here, but I am guessing the announcement is because of a major loss of customers because of the coronavirus pandemic.

KIMA TV reports that the tasting room's doors will be shuttered beginning March 20th. The winery's owners, the Gilbert Family, plan to shift their focus to the Hackett Ranch, where their winery is made. Hackett Ranch is a popular spot to host weddings, receptions, and other outdoor events. I loved attending weddings out there. The air is sweet and calm, and one can truly get the sense of that iCarly TV show famed phrase, "that fresh Yakima air".
GilbertCellars.com still has a pop-up ad that mentions the tasting room's curbside service for "wine to go". You still have a few more days and evenings to enjoy the warmth of the upscale Gilbert Cellars one last time, as the Yakima Herald recently disclosed.

I have many pleasant memories of great times spent inside Gilbert Cellars. I met one of my old flames there. The day I met him is still etched in my mind. I was feeling all cute, young, wild, and free. He had these gorgeous big brown eyes had gold sparkles, not unlike a good glass of Gilbert Cellars Chardonnay. I attended many "Girls Night Out" meetups, Junior League Membership Info meetings, and a Think and Drink discussion there. The tasting room was also a popular spot my out-of-town friends loved to visit when they came to town for Spring Barrel Weekend.

The good news about Hackett Ranch is that the winery and outdoor music venue will remain open despite the closing of the downtown tasting room. Fare thee well, Allobroges!

You can read the closure statement from Gilbert Cellars here.


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