Barbecue, it's what's for dinner. Or Lunch, whichever floats your boat.


The "Big Game" is coming up on Sunday between Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Go Chiefs!) and both cities are KNOWN for their barbecue. Well, actually, Tampa Bay is not so much known as a barbecue kind of town, but they do have some good ribs, so I've been told.

Kansas City barbecue is so famous, it has its own marinade sauce in the condiments aisle. There's KC Masterpiece, Heinz Sauce BBQ Kansas City Style, Rub With Love Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce, Bull's-Eye Sauce Kansas City Style, and I could keep on going! You can find all of these in your favorite Yakima Valley grocer, from Safeway to Walmart.

What makes a sauce officially "Kansas City Style", anyway? Is it the molasses? The vinegar mixed with honey? It's that kick of tangy plus sweet that gives it a distinctive flavor and bite.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw a post in the WTF Just Happened In Yakima group and someone asked, "Best pulled pork in the area?" There were a ton of comments and suggestions.

If you are looking to add some Kansas City-style pulled pork barbecue sandwiches to your Superbowl, erm, Big Game, party foods list, here are some of the restaurants listed by local area peeps:

  • Kim's Got Smoke: They have the best pulled pork nachos this side of the Mississippi River, in my not so humble opinion.
  • Dickey's Barbecue Pit: They have some really tasty freshly pulled pork sandwiches. Their meals are mix and match, so you could add some baked beans, coleslaw, spicy mac n cheese, and creamed spinach to your Big Game meal.
  • What I Crave Food Truck: I haven't tried any of their food but I've heard they serve yummy pulled pork sliders.
  • Famous Daves: The name says it all, they are famous for good barbecue. Heck, their mascot is a smiling pig, so that's saying a lot right there!
  • Costco: I don't shop at Costco all that much so I wasn't even aware they sell a 2-pack of pulled pork!
  • Safeway and Walmart: I'm adding this one in there: they sell two brands of pulled pork I'd recommend. Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Pulled Pork and Lloyd's Barbecue Co. Seasoned Pork.


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